Taste of Paris 2017

Following Milan, I metered my expectations for Taste of Paris (whilst at the same time, expecting my lowered expectations to be exceeded - confusing, no?). The Taste of Paris was held in the Grand Palais - the larger of the two exhibition centres on the Champs-Elysees. This is a big venue for a food festival. But … Continue reading Taste of Paris 2017

Taste of Milano 2017

As you may know (or have previously read), one of my goals for this journey was to attend as many of the European Taste Festivals as I could while over here. The 2017 season began last weekend, with the Taste of Milano. Set at 'The Mall' exhibition space in Porta Nuova, the Taste of Milano … Continue reading Taste of Milano 2017


I came to York for only two reasons: Firstly, because it was kind of on the way anyway. Secondly, because I'd read that Yorkshire had somewhat become the gastronomic hub of Britain, and I wanted to answer the question - other than Heston's madcap inventions, does British gastronomy actually exist? My experiences so far in England … Continue reading York