Split and Toro Grill Bar

In all fairness, Split - the sunny seaside city in Croatia - and each of the restaurants we ate at there probably deserve their own posts, but I'm both remarkably lazy and somewhat out of practice in writing about food so I'll attempt to combine my experiences into one concise post. Having said that, I'll … Continue reading Split and Toro Grill Bar



I came to York for only two reasons: Firstly, because it was kind of on the way anyway. Secondly, because I'd read that Yorkshire had somewhat become the gastronomic hub of Britain, and I wanted to answer the question - other than Heston's madcap inventions, does British gastronomy actually exist? My experiences so far in England … Continue reading York


OVERVIEW With 5 days notice I was looking to fill a mystery few days between Spain and London when my plans for Morocco didn't pan out. So I simply looked for the cheapest option, which turned out to be Sofia, Bulgaria. To those who have been to the Balkans or maybe just dreamed of it, … Continue reading Sofia