Why on earth would an Australian who doesn't ski choose to visit the Bavarian alps in the middle of winter? Who knows. Some overly romanticized ideal of snow capped mountains and Alpine villages perhaps. All proved true, so that makes it worth it. I spent 10 days in a little town called Greiling at a … Continue reading Greiling


OVERVIEW Heidelberg was the first 'smaller' city we'd visited, although it's not the tiniest town. Built up primarily around a university, it's somewhat constrained by the river on one side and mountains on the other so it has stretched out lengthways along the riverbank. As a result, the old part of town is fairly well … Continue reading Heidelberg


OVERVIEW My European adventure began with arrival in Dusseldorf - not a normal destination for long distance travelers to start, but it had been the cheapest inbound destination when I booked so I thought why not. It's largely a business-based city, although it does have a very upmarket shopping strip, Koenigsallee (the Kings way - think Prada, … Continue reading Dusseldorf