A Beginner’s Guide to Food in Sweden

It's been sometime since I wrote, and now that I'm not travelling so much (not full time at least) I wondered what I should turn my attention to. Well, where better to start than a topic that I deal with every day - an expats view of food in Sweden. Admittedly, coming from Melbourne, Australia, … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Food in Sweden

Turin – Part 1

OVERVIEW For some reason I had in my mind this was a smaller town with nothing to its name but a musty old Shroud. That's what you get for not reading up. It's not. It's a fairly large city with a long history originating from Roman times, and no less than 18km of shopping arcades. … Continue reading Turin – Part 1


OVERVIEW Unfortunately, out of all the places we had visited so far, Florence had the seediest feel - immediately evident on arriving from the main station. As we were walking to our hotel, we heard some screaming and shouting, then two girls running - it seemed like they had been robbed? It's also possible they … Continue reading Florence