Venice – Part 2

Overview Venice is an expensive city to visit, both in terms of accommodation and food (compared to the rest of Italy), but if you wander away from the main tourist tracks and you'll find delightful little cafes with various panini at a pretty reasonable price. The tourist paths are marked with signs and are really … Continue reading Venice – Part 2



OVERVIEW Zurich, famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. It lived up to this reputation pretty quickly on my arrival as I had to pay 2 Swiss francs to use the public bathrooms at the train station - having said that, they WERE the cleanest and most spacious public toilets … Continue reading Zurich


OVERVIEW Heidelberg was the first 'smaller' city we'd visited, although it's not the tiniest town. Built up primarily around a university, it's somewhat constrained by the river on one side and mountains on the other so it has stretched out lengthways along the riverbank. As a result, the old part of town is fairly well … Continue reading Heidelberg


OVERVIEW My European adventure began with arrival in Dusseldorf - not a normal destination for long distance travelers to start, but it had been the cheapest inbound destination when I booked so I thought why not. It's largely a business-based city, although it does have a very upmarket shopping strip, Koenigsallee (the Kings way - think Prada, … Continue reading Dusseldorf