OVERVIEW Zurich, famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. It lived up to this reputation pretty quickly on my arrival as I had to pay 2 Swiss francs to use the public bathrooms at the train station - having said that, they WERE the cleanest and most spacious public toilets … Continue reading Zurich



OVERVIEW Heidelberg was the first 'smaller' city we'd visited, although it's not the tiniest town. Built up primarily around a university, it's somewhat constrained by the river on one side and mountains on the other so it has stretched out lengthways along the riverbank. As a result, the old part of town is fairly well … Continue reading Heidelberg


OVERVIEW My European adventure began with arrival in Dusseldorf - not a normal destination for long distance travelers to start, but it had been the cheapest inbound destination when I booked so I thought why not. It's largely a business-based city, although it does have a very upmarket shopping strip, Koenigsallee (the Kings way - think Prada, … Continue reading Dusseldorf