The Trials and Tribulations of Hostel Cooking 

While eating out and not cooking is fun for a while... After some time you start to feel, well, not so great.  The temptation to eat the most delicious sounding (and likely not healthiest) foods in every place you visit and may not return to is strong. Picking a hostel with a kitchen (or renting … Continue reading The Trials and Tribulations of Hostel Cooking 

Madrid Mercados Part 1

While some may come to Madrid for the many wonderful art galleries, the culture, the shopping (do they come for the shopping?) I've made the focus of my trip (aside from some compulsory tourist-ing) the local food markets. The Spanish food has been rather too good to me so far, but luckily an enforced diet … Continue reading Madrid Mercados Part 1


My visit to Tickets bar has been long awaited - as, of course, you have to book 3 months in advance. Having had one prior incredible experience with a Top 50 restaurant (Attica in Melbourne) I fully enjoyed every day of this lead up. Did you know that anticipating a holiday or special event gives … Continue reading Tickets


Why on earth would an Australian who doesn't ski choose to visit the Bavarian alps in the middle of winter? Who knows. Some overly romanticized ideal of snow capped mountains and Alpine villages perhaps. All proved true, so that makes it worth it. I spent 10 days in a little town called Greiling at a … Continue reading Greiling


Strasbourg, a slightly more abrupt than usual post! Strasbourg is on first impressions a charming town. Although I arrived late in the afternoon and didn't have much of a walk around that evening, I could already tell that I was going to like it. It helped that I stayed at an incredibly renovated hotel called Graffalgar … Continue reading Strasbourg

Museumed Out

GENERAL DRIVEL The holiday is over and the journey begins. I am well and truly museumed out. In 27 days, I managed to visit/see (mostly with Dad, plus a few extras): 7 churches and cathedrals 14 palaces and historical buildings 6 art museums 17 historical museums The Louvre (which is really a bit of all … Continue reading Museumed Out